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Christopher Boyd for Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney

Justice needs a full-time guardian, and Canyon County deserves a dedicated career Prosecuting Attorney. I am Christopher Boyd, and I embody these ideals as I seek to continue my unwavering commitment to justice and integrity.

I started my journey as a dedicated career prosecutor back in 2013 right here in Canyon County. Over the years, I've been in the trenches, trying 38 jury trials covering a wide spectrum of crimes, from domestic violence to DUIs to the most serious of offenses like murders. My time in Caldwell earned me a reputation as a tough but fair trial attorney. I've always been willing to fight tooth and nail for the rights of victims, and I've made it a point to hold law enforcement to the highest ethical standards.

I've been the Adams county prosecuting attorney for the past 6 yrs. 2018, I took on the role of Prosecuting Attorney for Adams County. There, I continued my mission, trying another 17 jury trials to verdict. I became known for handling some of the toughest cases not just in Adams County but for neighboring counties as well. I've saved my county millions in civil verdicts by being fiscally responsible while relentlessly advocating for my constituents.

My dedication doesn't stop at the county level. I serve on CPAC's National Prosecutors & Law Enforcement Advisory Council for the American Conservative Union, and I've been an active member of the Idaho Prosecuting Attorney's Association Board.

Beyond my legal career, my priorities reflect my strong values. My faith in God is my guiding principle, providing me with a solid foundation to serve my community. As a combat veteran who served in Iraq with the local 116th Brigade Combat Team in 2004-2005, I understand the true meaning of service and sacrifice for our country.

My commitment to defending rights extends to my legal practice. I've stood up against unjust government overreaches, challenging overbroad stay-at-home orders that trampled on religious and civil rights. I've also fought against employment discrimination related to COVID-19 vaccines, ensuring that workers' rights are protected.

As your Prosecuting Attorney, I promise to continue leading from the front, standing with my deputies in the pursuit of justice for all. I believe in treating everyone with kindness and respect while carefully considering what is right for our community. My commitment to "getting justice" goes beyond convictions; it encompasses safeguarding constitutional rights and ensuring a fair and just legal system for everyone.

"Canyon County, I am dedicated to serving you and making a lasting difference. I understand the responsibility and commitment required to uphold justice and ensure a safe community. Will you stand with me to make a difference and continue the important work of the prosecuting attorney with diligence and integrity?"

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